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Complaints and Suggestions: an opportunity to improve

We believe that the complaints and suggestions we receive are of great value because they are significant indicators for identifying any critical issues and taking action to make improvements.

Procedure for submitting and managing complaints

The fastest and most effective method to communicate complaints and suggestions is to send an e-mail, which allows us to respond quickly.
A special form in Italian and English is available at all toll booths and SALT Points or can be downloaded from this website to send complaints and reports to the Concession company. The form, with all sections filled in together and, if necessary, with any attachments must be sent via email to or delivered by hand to any toll booth or SALT Point. The Concession company will reply in compliance with the quality indicator, which requires a reply to the Motorist within 10 working days (excluding the day of receipt) in 85% of cases.

For complaints and reports concerning tolls (non-payments, incorrect charges, etc.), the Company expects to respond to the requests within 20 days.

SALT undertakes to provide timely and exhaustive answers as well as to indicate, where pertinent, any actions aimed at resolving the anomalies reported.

In the event of updates to the procedure for submitting complaints as well as regarding the methods of managing any disputes, updated information will be provided to motorists through press releases that can be viewed on this site.

Download the ‘Complaints and Reports Form’ and send it by email to or deliver it using the methods indicated above.

Complaints and Reports form


Salt will process requests for reimbursement of tolls paid in error or in excess of the amount due, if the necessary investigations allow it, within 20 days from the date of receipt.

Credit slip

Any change not dispensed at the time of payment in the self-service lane and without the issuance of a credit receipt will be refunded at the time of transit only in the case of amounts that do not exceed € 10; credit receipts issued, however, can also be collected after transit in the lanes manned by collectors, in SALT stations, at SALT Points, or by bank draft or bank transfer by sending the credit receipt to the SALT office in Lido di Camaiore.

For amounts over € 10, SALT reserves the right to make the refund after the necessary checks on the self-service lane messaging.

Useful contacts

Switchboard and offices
Tel. 0521/613711 – Fax. 0521/613731

Information center (traffic flow information)
Toll free number 800.840.708
Fax. 0521/613765
Tel. 0521/613927

Mancato pagamento pedaggio e fatturazione pedaggi
Per informazioni potete rivolgervi ai punti blu di SALT- Tronco Ligure-Toscano (La Spezia 0584 909378, Lido di Camaiore 0584 909377 e Lucca ovest 0584 909376).
Nel caso in cui le linee telefoniche fossero occupate, è possibile scrivere al seguente indirizzo email:

Modulo Richiesta fatturazione

Oversize load
Tel. 0521/613778 – Fax. 0521/613988

Parma traffic police
Tel. 0521/947511

Berceto traffic police
Tel. 0521/629911

Pontremoli traffic police
Tel. 0187/46341

Modulo Comunicazione utenti