Oversize load

The permit application can be completed, turned in, and retrieved online through www.teonline.it

Documentation required for the issuance of permits for oversize loads

  • Fill in the authorization request on a pre-printed Salt form and the “Oversize load passage notice” form.
  • Attach proof of payments made for procedural charges to all Companies involved.
  • Diagrams in numbers greater than one with respect to the trips to be made, with stamp and signature of the legal representative of the company.
  • Authenticated photocopies of the registration certificates (dated not prior to three months) of the vehicles making up the convoy.
  • Declaration of the company, in case of transport for third parties, certifying the possession of all the specific requirements and authorizations under Law No. 298 of June 6, 1974 and subsequent amendments and additions.
  • Declaration of the practicability verification of the entire route requested and the recognition of the twists and turns on the entire route.
  • For transports exceeding in height, declaration of verification that on the whole run there are no electric lines determining the upper part to have at least 0.40 m free space. and works of art with at least 0.20 m.
  • For convoys not exceeding in mass, declaration not to exceed the mass limits fixed by art. 62 of the new code.
    Insurance policy with a minimum ceiling of € 10,000,000

As from 06/06/2016, postal payments for charges and tolls, related to abnormal transport practices, will have to be made on the NEW POSTAL ACCOUNT N.1032516898, made out to “SALT Società Autostrada Ligure Toscana p. A. Transiti Eccezionali“.
For wire transfers the NEW IBAN is as follows: IT21L0760113700001032516898

Title FILE Date
MODULI RICHIESTA AUTORIZZAZIONE TRANSITI ECCEZIONALI Richiesta autorizzazione trasporto eccezionale (66 KB)
Modulo di Preavviso passaggio transiti eccezionali (438 KB)