Winter roads

The highway Code states that Contractors of Italian roads and highways must adopt specific measures to ensure traffic safety and prevent dangerous situations from arising (art. 5).

The obligation is prescribed by the ordinance issued (it is updated every year) – according to Article 6, paragraph e) of the highway Code, Legislative Decree 285 of 30/11/92, amended by Law n.120 of 29 July 2010) valid for all motor vehicles (Title 3 Chapter I art 46 and following), which must have on board snow chains or, alternatively, be equipped with winter tires or other non-slip equipment suitable for quick use, if necessary.

The mandatory signs for having snow tires or snow chains on board are those with a picture of a tire with chains and the words “mandatory winter tires or chains on board”.

They are located at the entrance and along the highway.

The checks, according to the conventions with the Ministry of the Interior, are carried out by the Traffic Police, according to the rules and regulations in force.

The penalties provided for non-compliance with the ordinance are governed by Article 6, paragraph 14 of the Highway Code and range from a minimum of € 80 to a maximum of € 318.

Also in the highway Code – Chapter III – articles 46, 47 and 53 are entirely devoted to the characteristics and definition of vehicles subject to the obligation.

The highway Code also determines (articles 11 and 12) who is in charge of controls and the sanctions adopted in case of non-compliance.

Title FILE Date
Ordinance N° 3031 of December 24, 2004 Scarica allegato (836 KB)
Ordinance N° 5438 of October 21, 2015 Scarica allegato (1,27 MB)